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†~Dears Icons~†

Where Beauty Is Immortalized....

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 Welcome all Gacktfiends, to the first LJ community that specializes in Gackt Graphics. This community was founded to give all the creative Gackt fans out there an outlet to display to their peers their creations of Gacktness!

Post lots, and most importantly... Have fun!

 [o1] This community is for Gackt/GacktJOB/Gakuhai icons ONLY. (This includes Spiky Masa & Toshi, LiN CLOVER Ren, Solo Chachamaru, Dope HEADz Ryuichi, and Malice Mizer Gackt) Take the other jrock icons to our sister sites and display them there.

[o2] You may post up to three icons out as teasers, anything more than that, please put behind a cut.

[o3] If the poster states that you must comment to take one, comment and don't just take it.

[o4] If the poster states that you must credit them in the name of the icon on your icon page, please do. After all, it is their icon that you are using - it's just good manners.

[o5] This is a Gackt related graphics community, which means that you are allowed to post other things like winamp skins and wallpapers... BUT if you are going to post a wallpaper, banner, winamp skin ect, make a small cap of it and post it then include a link to where it can be d/led. If we see a wallpaper hidden behind a cut, we will erase your post and ask you to repost it.

[o6] Degrading of anyone's artistic ability will not be tolerated. Not everyone has the means to create extravagant and flashy icons, but doesn't mean that it's any less someone's creation. People put a lot of time and effort in things. So it boils down to either, Be polite or get out!

[o7] Requesting icons is allowed, but within reason. To be to demanding, or harsh when it's not exactly what you had originally visualized is uncalled for and will also not be tolerated.

[o8] Fake LJ-Cuts & links to external icon posts are now banned, as they harm the community. Members who post using a fake cut or link will get a warning, and if it is not fixed, then the post will be deleted. More information on this rule can be found in this post.

[o9] This community is not for you to pimp out your own communities, websites, deviant art, etc. etc. If we see this we will give you 24 hours to change it, if you do not, your post will be removed. There are communities that allow you to advertise everything under the sun. This is not one of them.

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†~Dears Icons~†

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